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Decorating & Painting Services

Transforming Your Space with Style and Elegance

At Al Methali, we offer comprehensive decorating and painting services to help you transform your residential or commercial space into a beautiful and inviting environment. Our skilled team of decorators and painters is dedicated to delivering high-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and personalized solutions. Here are the details of our decorating and painting services:

Interior Painting

Our experienced painters specialize in interior painting, creating stunning finishes that breathe new life into your space. Whether you’re looking to refresh a single room or paint your entire property, we provide meticulous surface preparation, precise color matching, and smooth, flawless paint application. We work with high-quality paints and finishes to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability.

Exterior Painting

Enhance the curb appeal and protect the exterior of your property with our professional exterior painting services. Our skilled painters are equipped to handle all types of exterior surfaces, including wood, stucco, brick, and siding. We carefully prepare the surfaces, perform necessary repairs, and apply weather-resistant paints and coatings to withstand the elements and maintain a fresh and vibrant appearance.

Color Consultation

 Choosing the right colors can significantly impact the overall ambiance and aesthetics of your space. Our team of decorators provides expert color consultation services, helping you select the perfect color schemes that reflect your style, enhance the architectural features, and create the desired atmosphere. We consider factors such as lighting, room size, and existing décor to ensure cohesive and harmonious color choices.

Wallpaper Installation

 If you’re looking to add texture, pattern, or a unique focal point to your walls, our team specializes in professional wallpaper installation. We handle all aspects of the installation process, from wall preparation to precise application, ensuring seamless alignment and a smooth, bubble-free finish. Whether you prefer traditional wallpaper or modern peel-and-stick options, we can bring your vision to life.

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